Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sorry I Am Out Of The Office Permanently

Just because I have been busy with a book doesn't mean I don't have eyes on the Philly art scene. Well, maybe one eye. It only rates one eye if you think about it. I visited a few friend's studios today (part of POST) and discussed the state of art and galleries. The highlight (no pun) of the week was seeing James Turrell's new Skyspace at the Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting House and it gave me quite a crick in the neck. One is meant to lie down and watch the large square window in the ceiling change as the sun sets (or rises) and the lights in the room play with your head. Do not drop acid, friends. It would be a waste of time! Although magical to witness – there were oohs and aahs from the audience – I kept thinking I was being messed with and wondered how Turrell made it look like he pasted huge pieces of matt color aid paper on the ceiling. Some of the color combinations were cosmically inspired but I went home looking for aspirin.

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