Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I have been trawling through art listings looking for a decent Fall show to visit or review but can't find anything of interest. I could say the same thing about rock bands. Have I grown up at last or are we coasting? I hope it isn't the former. There are always young bucks making defiant music (Sleigh Bells) and I enjoy that but art is mediated somehow and thin on the ground. My fall back will have to be the Leger show at the museum. Perhaps, I can muster a review of classic modernism. Distance makes this easier. Or I can buy a case of beer and settle in and watch the MBL playoffs in the comfort of my own home. Caught a homer in the ninth last night in Boston by chance. These guys are still sporting full scale beards and I find this fascinating. Are they looking for the (steam punk) good old days?

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