Monday, September 23, 2013

Philadelphia Critic Bashes Outsiders!

I feel a little guilty about my last post. Don't get me wrong. Some outsider art I quite admire. What I want people to realize is that it takes an interfering curator to get the ball rolling in order for an artist to develop cred. In fact, it takes an art world village. For some reason they prefer trawling through obscure archives for the rare outsider with good provenance. Hopefully the artist is dead and already has a few admirers; minor collectors interested in buying the work. Even better if the work is discovered in an old garage and no one knows who the artist is. This creates mystery, as in the Philadelphia Wireman. I have also been making comparison to success in literary worlds. It seems the artist is in a terrible position to be of status from the get go, the work standing tall as if by magic. This isn't required from an author. An author doesn't need the physical space to show work like the visual artist.

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