Monday, January 9, 2012


Apologies for my blustering voice yesterday. I'd been saving it up for a few weeks at the end of last year. Maybe I'm becoming the equivalent of ON THE MEDIA on PBS. Love that show. In any case, my beef today is with Vox Populi Gallery. Specifically, because after reading through their factoid-full, historical catalog from 2010  – with some excellent background on the Philly Art scene of the past 15-20 years – they completely ignore mentioning Rachel Zimmerman's which has been an "online CO-OP" (and more) since 1999. Of course, I was their art critic for years but I think my umbrage tends to stem from the fact that I notice Philly's selective scene associations; the "IN and OUT" crowds. Of course VOX has been vital to the scene; they also have some pretty good allies. The omission makes their name VP sound like BS.

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History will absolve Mike said...

They mentioned me repeatedly in that catalogue and I doubt that anyone can be more "Out" than I am. Neither the writer nor the gallery even offered me a catalogue. A friend of mine finally gave it to me as a gift. I certainly wasn't going to pay for it.
And you are right, not mentioning InLiquid is a regrettable omission.