Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Kudos to Zoe Strauss on her show at the PMA. She is one of our great treasures and captures the real Philadelphia. She is honest and hard working and will now be recognized by more than just an arty crowd. She already has been, I think. Her picture, 'Mattress Jump' will be writ large for the whole city to see over the Rocky Steps. (The PMA hates that reference!) But what is it we are seeing? According to the weekly PW (Poorly Worded) she is recognized as one of 'America's top living artists.' Slow down a minute. I appreciate a rags to riches story but that is simple an exaggeration from a dippy journalist. I just checked the top ten and the top one hundred. Photographer, William Eggleston is there and so is Nan Goldin. That makes sense. Maybe the list should say America's top contemporary artists? I'm not sure if I'll review her show because I don't have an outlet. InLiquid doesn't pay anymore (I'm broke) and America's greatest ArtBlog consistantly rejects everything I send.

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