Sunday, January 8, 2012


A couple of comments just to get the year rolling for Pocket Intellectuals: I have unfortunately read a recent Philly Weekly story titled, Making the Scene (Sick of the Mainstream, Philly artists revive the alternatives). It was so full of mis-truth and agit-prop that my head exploded on Broad Street. What a mess. Of course there is a picture of someone in the article working on a mural! How bleedin' counter cultural of them! Let me get this straight if I can. Listen carefully. There is no Mainstream Art in Philadelphia! I wish to god there was. There is only a non-profit hierarchic monopoly. And logically, I figure there can't be an alternative to nothing. The legit contemporary galleries that go to art fairs are not snobs as implied by the PW, they are hard working minority. 3 selective galleries to my count. Young people can be so full of shit. Am I being clear enough? Yes, young MFA's co-opted by CO-OPS can be a bit up their own asses and deluded by theory drenched teachers. I should know, eh?

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History will absolve Mike said...

"And logically, I figure there can't be an alternative to nothing."