Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Inquirer Review!

Well pleased about this. Thankyou Inquirer! It is not often I get mentioned in the Sunday Papers. Photo as well! That should send a few extra viewers into the Woodmere for the final 3 weeks. It has been a wonderful show to be involved with. If I could only stop collecting street signs! This sort of obsessive behavior happens during every show. The last installation involved coloured vinyl and lamp fixtures and I'm still collecting those.


Anonymous said...

really think the words work in 3-d. even better then on paper. they are funnier, more tangible, and very well designed in the space.
something bothers me about the space of woodmere, maybe like its too big for the work. Love the idea of "get off my lawn". not usre how to remedy the situation, maybe a smaller space somehow. the wild anarchic calder circus aspect is well designed, in that i like the circular motif. I like that these are strict signs, trying to make clear points, yet the notion of sign is diverted here, a kind of subversion to the authority of the sign.would be interesting to see more, and even some guerilla work.


Thanks Richard. You got it! I think the outdoor setting let some of the words and attitudes expand and have more impact. And, of course, the setting of the Woodmere in Chestnut Hill is a perfect foil to the hi-jinx.