Tuesday, August 3, 2010


According to Alexandra Jones in the Philadelphia Weekly, Anthony Campuzano's, "Fall-Fest." was in danger of, "imploding under its own hipness," but it was not in the least hip, however you define the term. How can anything to do with Mark E. Smith be so dull? Well, the ICA event achieved that easily. Not sure how the rest of the events went, but PEW winner, Campuzano is not much of a story teller for someone described as a FOUND-TEXT artist. I have a better story about seeing the Fall. I think it was 1985, London: I was there to watch the Moodists from Australia, who were very cool. Mark E. Smith was singing through a signature Bull-Horn while I shared a pint with Moodist, guitar player. Australians are very generous. After the ICA downer, I went home and dug out my favorite Fall records and a better mood descended immediately! Moral of the Story? Please, let's not drag musicians into this art morass.


Harry + Harrietta said...

Dear Pocked Interdelusional,

You could really make a positive difference in fillytowne with your criticism. We give you credit for saying what you believe. Maybe you should write something for us once in a while?

lovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee ya hon!!!!!!!!!!!



Hey, thanks for the comment. I may try that. But I think my novel will work better. You are in it!!! Art Criticism is wasted here; so is sarcasm.

Harry + Harrietta said...

Dear Pokey Ineffectual,

U must mean art criticism is wasted in fillytowne when you say "here". U can't mean on your own blog.

If we aren't in your novel then you should pack it in yo. But seriously, we look forward to reading all about the local colors and smells. In fact we will help you promote it when it's ready. Maybe you want to roll out a few tasty bitz on artblahg to whet dee chopz of your audience. Yippee!!!!!!!!


H and H, Yes, I mean Philly! There is no connectivity between the powers that be, mostly non-profit, and the real talent. Of course, I mean me. Stay Tuned. I may send you a post if you promise to publish it, unlike your predesessors.