Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I am not sure why I'm writing here. It is more personal that what I write casually on the social networks where lots of incidental trivia goes around endlessly. Call me old-fashioned. Still thinking about that book fair last weekend and the hunt for agents. WORKSHY is approaching a finished form. Very Exciting. I am, of course, always looking at artists, usually of the past since one can't keep up with the newbies, but looking at writers is different. A published writer at the fair admitted he wasn't reading anybody at the moment. I found this shocking. Reading a book is like eating and breathing. I am presently reading Heart of Darkness in a a big illustrated volume I found in a trash can. And I just started The Trouble With Girls, by Kingsley Amis which cost a dollar at the book fair. Lulls me to sleep while chuckling.

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chris wise said...

you and Jerry Saltz would not get along well