Sunday, April 26, 2009


I was invited to a P'UNK AVE JUNTO last Thursday night. This was a roundtable discussion they hold regularly. The topic was art criticism. Curator Sid Sachs was on the panel. So were the ArtBlog gals. Here was a hip scene I had no prior knowledge of and the reason seems purely generational. My "credentials" as a critic were wholly unknown for some reason. Ouch! I guess my work at (where I have posted reviews for ten years) still doesn't reach all the young people who matter! Nevermind. I took this opportunity to introduce myself rather boisterously and give the benefit of my experience to the large vocal group gathered on a floor in South Philly. This was great fun. It seems the crowd was demanding a more critical sort of criticism so I couldn't help but suggest they read some of my pieces on the last ten years in Philly. It may be the sort of "city history" we need to keep our bearings in this vital time in order to promote critical awareness (which is still lacking) and real honesty.

Great Job P'unk Avenue! You have the right idea. I have never been to a more successful sharing of views with such great pizza and beer (Newcastle Brown) to match.

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