Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Lost Chalice?

I've recently read The Stolen Chalice by Kitty Pilgrim. former CNN correspondent. She is no Dan Brown! I was looking forward to a standard page turner, full of rugged archaeologists, Templars and Masons. There is a another book called The Lost Chalice, by Vernon Silver which is one of those books. Perhaps, I should review that instead? I have decided to make a short study of the fake science of these books versus the study of actual art history. They are easily dismissed but there is an interesting overlap. It is intriguing to see half-truth delivered in TV shows like Myth Hunters, Myth Busters and Secrets of the Dead on PBS. The difference between real fact and fiction hang on small pieces of spoken text or unfortunate edits leaving huge questions. Usually like: where is the source of the research? Having asked this question, I still enjoy disentangling partial-truths because our culture seems to be largely based on them. These historical books and programs usually stop just shy of aliens and neo-x-files. And they use any excuse to stick in Nazis. This may be why Pilgrim's tale (full of identical, shapely women and dull, broad shouldered guys) is popular and such a drag.

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Tom said...

No Dan Brown! Never say it! I read the Illustrated Da V. Code. I like a book with pictures.