Sunday, December 28, 2014

One Hundred Days to the Day!

I've spent most of 2014 thinking about and studying 1914 and I believe my approach to 2015 will be much the same. There is no end to the "firsts" that occurred one hundred years ago, day after day. First bombing of a city by airship! Wow. It makes 2014 look lame. All the inflated discussion of social media, drones and phones. It it all so self-oriented. That said, I believe that my study in a convenient one hundred old year framework is illuminating and sheds light on where we are now. Does it sometimes appear to be nowhere at all? Paradigm-less you could say. The year ended with a perfect example as a communist nation felt threatened by a Hollywood movie. True, The Interview had some negative propaganda for North Korea, but it was not a threat! Those movies are more threat to our intelligence than anything else. Cuba would never react so if Castro or his brother were depicted as weirdos. He would probably chuckle or choke on his cigar. God bless him.

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