Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I know I get more and more old fashioned but the summer is a good time to sit back and read books. Preferably, in some friend's house with central air if not at the beach. Failing that, a local bar will do, although it is a bit hard to concentrate with the twenty-four seven sports coverage. Frankly, it is easier to write while imbibing rather than focus on a reading a book. That's my excuse, anyway. My trouble this summer is I have found 12 books to start and haven't finished but a few. I have trouble sinking into a literary mode. Then there is my Band of Brother's on cassette. I consumed this enthusiastically driving around to bars and various gigs. I did finish the Steve Martin book and am almost through a very funny first novel by New Yorker humorist, Paul Rudnick. It is for Young Adults and is called Gorgeous. As for art criticism, I am on sabbatical.

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