Monday, November 7, 2011


Usually I won't be caught dead at First Friday. It is a blessing to be too old for the scene! But, alas, I was out seeing my mate, Nick Cassway's wonderful vinyl show on Chestnut Street (James Oliver Gallery) and went on to Vox from there after parking in a ditch next to a homeless village. Inside, I am wondering, Who are all these people? Babes in the Woods making art that looks a lot like an MFA Show. That is fine. What interested me was the floor below where Grizzly Grizzly and Marginal Utility reside. I had no idea there was a record store there too. I was in Heaven. Only thing missing was an espresso bar. On this floor the artists are having fun and handing out work for the taking. I went home with a pizza box with THIS CONCERNS EVERYONE written on the inside. It was a perfect facsimile of an Occupy Wallstreet sign. Magic. Art for the masses and me. It is displayed in my studio and fits right in.

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