Friday, November 11, 2011


I was out doing the art rounds last night on Second Thursday when someone asked me if I was the mad Art Blog spoofer so I feel now compelled to spit out the truth. No, it is not me. As critical as I am of the scene and certain favoritism by the press, (you know who you be) I want to stick to facts and positive visions. Philadelphia is moving forward but there is a ponderous, top heavy side to the arts. Instead of opening a new exciting space these organizations pay for research and form another committee. They should come straight to me and save themselves the bother. Office of Culture? It is ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, we know it's not you, don't worry.


I am relieved. Several people have mentioned this. But, I'm curious. Who are you dear reader? Do you want to proof my novel about the local art world? It is a comedy about an artist who becomes famous after he commits suicide.

Phineaus Cobb said...

Yeah. I've actually heard that theory a few times. Frankly you're missing the little kernel of black-as-midnight-whoville-crushing-coal of a beating heart required for the job of artblahg.

You're not him because:

a. while you're a pessimist (good!) you're not an asshole

b. what you think is a sense of humor is an actual, honest to god sense of humor, not a screed against whatever shows up in your email inbox

c. We already know who he is. And have proof.

I'm a ghost like that artblahg dude, except actually anonymous. So, um, that's who I am, I guess.

As for your novel, sure - if you post it. I'm a ghost and don't know how to use email. Maybe I already committed suicide?