Friday, October 14, 2011


As a creative, I have always been a Mac Guy. No choice really. I'm right brained! But, I rarely paid heed to keeping up with the Jones's consumerist zeal. Can't afford to, if you must know. It is vintage Macs for me. After his death, I was reading a lengthy accolade in the Wall Street Journal on the secular legacy of Steve Jobs. He is pictured above the article with a halo. I was struck by the fact that I'd never considered the Apple Logo at all. A "bite" out of the forbidden fruit, as it were, is a reference to the Garden of Eden and original sin. The meaning being that we have a second life through technology. True, these machines are magical and ever so convenient, but to make a Messiahnic analogy is a bit rich. Certainly, we are now free to glorify our own existance (as consumers) within our cozy global network, but we are not made immortal by the action. Perhaps delaying it a bit. Buddhist, or not, it is ashes to ashes and chip to chip.

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