Saturday, September 17, 2011

Larry Rivers' Lost Mosaic

I was late for a flash mob of disgruntled critics in the food court next to Market East Station, where the guitar man usually sits and strums godawful versions of Motown hits, when I noticed that behind all the t-shirt sellers, there was a large mural made of big scale tiles. Peering behind the racks of shirts, I could barely make out a Rivers' style, Ben Franklin. The piece was paid for in 1983 by the One Percent Program for Art (and JC Penny, I believe) and they got their money's worth. Not one penny more! Ha Ha. Get it? Pop Art was a bit long in the tooth by 1983. Now, in a state of disrepair, there are efforts to save it. I'm not sure if they should bother. It is not like Pompeii or anything. Can I suggest an auction selling one tile at a time? I could certainly use one as a coaster for crisps when the Eagles are on.

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