Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Future Already Happened!

I have been sending comments to the ArtBlog spoof, Artblahg, a quite remarkable phenomenon. Well, I accidently put my name on it, oops, and got personally maligned! Anyway, I got ruffled and had to rush upstairs to put on my old black turtleneck! The one with the massive hole in it. What I wanted to make note of here was the rush of disquietude that abides lately. It is the Great Recession after all and everyone is a bit edgy. The good news is that it doesn't affect our art scene at all – day jobs maybe. In fact, it lets the aggression rise and the ambitious move forward. For example, I refer to the Tyler Trojan Horse, and the publications, Machete and The New Asshole. These diffident alliances need to continue to form.

Last night I attended a wonderful event at Base Kamp where there was a discussion with art-tech-guru, Roy Ascott via Skype. It was akin to a graduate seminar I suppose but the method/media was interesting. Ideas shared on-line, visually and via text. I couldn't get a fix on what role an individual artist takes in this Brave New World but it was nice to discuss without getting sniped at.  My view is: The Future Already Happened.

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