Wednesday, December 5, 2007


The end of the year rushes up without much substance. As soon as Halloween passes, it is officially the holidays. Once Thanksgiving arrives, it is inevitable; all your plans must fit into the shopping season whether you want it to or not. The year has been mostly more lack of success. My outing at Nexus Gallery was interesting and great fun to produce but went by without fanfare. The best the local artblog can do is make an idiotic and pointless video-review that does not pose questions or involve any critical thinking. What else is new? I spent months on the piece which was worth it simply for the title: “Christian Marklay be Damned.” It was my version of a dematerialized installation except the content was bloody obvious instead of oblique. Can art come directly from a thrift store, a record collection or what you find in the basement? Why not?

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