Thursday, March 29, 2007

Laptops Are For Losers

The mini-van with the Christian Fish cuts me off. The driver is talking to Jesus on her cell. As the chip gets smaller, the devices get combined and, for all the convenience, it makes for no practical use, only more redundant choice. The gadgetry is simply for making money and causing me pain. There is no choice of dropping out and turning on, only plugging in, which is essentially a consumer activity. This is what we all share.

As there is no avant garde and capitalism rules the world, what becomes of all the thinkers that were defined by their Leftedness and what do they wear instead of turtlenecks and berets? I am not referring to the French. That would be unkind. Still, they always had a curious mixture of politic and fashion obsessiveness. We now have young people who plug-in and call it a subculture, or being a teenager. It is a worry to see the masses going to the “dark side.” Or, as my friend Sal used to say, “Life Stylers,” people without the conception that society needs anyone else but those who follow, those that believe the world exists only to service their needs.

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