Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sons of Guston!

It is exciting having a solo show up at the moment. At the same time, I experience a reality check: the realization that the show will disappear without much notice much like the last solo show and the exciting follow up group show in the Lower Eastside. It is disappointing to realize that is the norm. On the bright side, a good friend of mine saw the show and gave me a favorable critique. He then bought a picture! The critique was interesting coming from someone who had witnessed my development over many years. We discussed the “quality” and qualities in the work comparing it to generic contemporary art of the New York gallery variety. This led us to discuss my collages as outside the system. Does this make me an Outsider Artist? Inept and unschooled? I wish! It is a popular and profitable niche. It had occurred to me before that my work was a bit “crazy” in that way but that doesn’t explain the lack of purchase. Pun intended. I think it never received serious consideration because (in some ways) it takes the piss out of the art world. Don’t bite the hand that should feed, James. My friend’s other comment was surprising; the work had a “light” and humorous feel regardless of the chaotic and dystopian phrases that ran through it. This cheered me up. I am a Luddite not a misanthrope!


Christopher Hall said...

Congrats, dude. I like the painting you posted with it, too. The Outsider Art chic going on right now is strange to me . . . it is as if the people purchasing the art are tourists, searching for something exotic and foreign to their own experience, looking to purchase a soul.

James Rosenthal said...

Thanks Chris. We are in the same boat. Or tank, if you prefer. I am seeking out my real roots is all.