Friday, July 11, 2014

My Forgeries?

A few weeks ago I found an ancient half finished painting on an old panel in the basement. It was from my MFA course way back before Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This bugged me because the series of WW2 tanks and planes were good. There just wasn't very many of them. I'd never painted over it because I ceased using oil paint. If I paint now, it is with acrylic or ink and found materials. So, I bought three tubes of oil and started to re-work the picture. It was already a limited palette. Soon after starting, I was rather pleased with the results and how I felt. "Like riding a bike," I thought. And a little bit of what people now refer to as time travel. The painting (when begun) resembled 1930's modernist work (New Image was in, baby) so re-working it now is a double blast from the past. It is also full of irony since I have spent so much time to escape the noose of painting. I plan on selling it when it is finished as a forgery of my own work.

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Christopher Hall said...

I'd love to see a genuine James Rosenthal forgery! Send or post a picture when you are finished.