Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Diary of a Mad House-Husband?

I'm relieved to emerge from Holiday Purgatory – seemingly endless this year – into a new year with an even number. The first Christmas ad appeared before Halloween if you recall! As a distraction I began watching X-FILES repeats. This led me to a whole new twist of Visual Culture research into Science Fiction pre-911. Before 911, we really were obsessed with aliens, cyber-stuff and conspiracy theory. Not so much aliens after that. We had a real enemy.

Last night, I noticed that cyber-man, William Gibson co-wrote an episode. I'm going down the rabbit hole here. Apparently, Gibson wrote two episodes. So there really is a connection between pulp culture and literature. Or should I say that the barrier has broken down. The smart is now dumb and the dumb now smart as they sayNo news there but it is interesting to chart some old classic (90s) TV that prefigured our so-called golden age. It makes sense. Vince Gilligan (of Breaking Bad fame) turns up as writer and producer in the X-FILES.

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