Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The X-Mas Files Binge

Apparently it is all the rage now to binge on quality TV programs downloaded. You can do this on a TV, computer or smartphone. I call that a minor singularity. The big singularity is covered on one of the X-Files which I've been reviewing en masse because I never saw the whole series. It is the episode where Scully has the chip in her neck; government issue. The writers really were on top of their SF game considering the show started in 1993! In my view, the only thing of significance that changed (in reality) was the size of the mobile phone (as evidenced in the show) and our blind insistence that social media has made some all inclusive impact. We believe this like lemmings over a cliff. What we should be noticing is that the Chinese now have an aircraft carrier and send rockets to the moon. That is the reality I worry about.

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