Wednesday, November 21, 2012


This summer I had the priviledge of collaborating with talented artist and friend, Nick Cassway. He is also my techno-coach whenever I lacked the desired skills to navigate the cloudy thing. Nick is a 70's guy while I may prefer the 60's. As we worked together on his ongoing published art zine, This Is Not a Test, we became distracted by one of my recent pop songs. He was not aware I am a genius. He insisted we make a video. This can be seen on YouTube under Nick Cassway videos or the band, Clarksville, "Everybody's Drowning." I am the one in the sailor's cap. Who'd have thought I had such stage presence! Finally, Nick helped me design my piece for internet mag format. It is a poetic text piece, an eight page spread that mentions Mick Jagger for some random reason. You may search this out as well on googly. I have bought two and use one for publicity. It looks damn professional and should be on sale at an Art Fair near you after we have passed on.

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