Friday, June 15, 2012


What a lovely summer week. Watched my daughter graduate from High School. Very Proud I was but no tears. Saving those up for when she leaves the roost in a few months. To prepare I'm reading a book called Letting Go written by professionals. I need professional help. I had thought it was about constipation but it isn't. My novel, WORK SHY goes great guns. It will be finished by the end of August damn it. Prepare yourself Philadelphia for the truth shall be revealed and justice will be done.

Missed the deadline for Eastern State Penitentiary's exhibition cycle. Could use the show for my resume and the money for my Pocket Intellectual Pocketbook! Had a really good idea but I won't announce it publicly because some bloody upstart will steal it and get the show. That is life in the art world.

My band Clarksville played Art For the Cash Poor last weekend and everyone was amazed I was also a musician. They obviously don't know me at all. Many others don't know I am a starving artist, professor and novelist. My stand up act isn't quite ready yet!

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