Monday, May 7, 2012


The Arts Establishment continues its wrong headed bumbling with bells on. What concerns me is the monopolization and insidering of events in the city. Since the attempts at running decent contemporary galleries never works for whatever reasons, advisory boards (made of the same cloth) are formed to create whole new initiatives. One such turkey has been FiberPhila2012. It has the nerve to announce itself as a Biennial! Does that mean it is going to take place again? Oh god! Following in the wake of the equally all consuming Philagraphika – who keeps thinking up these wicked titles? – Fiber Phila involved hundreds of light weight artists who use yarn to wrap trees. There is more of them than you think. Craft posing as art kills art in my view and trees but there is no avoiding it. The use of medium as theme is an old nutshell and fairly tired. Artists use mud: let us put together a invitational show called Mud. The ICA recently put together a show about artists that collaborate, also an old concept of the 90's. The trouble with collaboration is that it is not an end in itself. What are they working together for? The waffle was appalling, dishing out old Marxist/dadaist dogma for the Twenty First Century. Man, are we barking up the wrong tree!

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