Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stop The World!

How can I be this remiss? I can't even post on PI once a month! Still, there has been a lot going on. The world must be spinning faster than in 2008. My damn novel on the Artworld is coming along thanks to an editor's advice and I have a piece showing in New York in March. That is exiting! I show in Manhattan every 20 years or so. Yes, I feel pathetic. I guess the real cool thing was my participation at Nexus Radio in December. I played vinyl over the air as Dr. No and spoke to the people of Philadelphia within a 5 mile radius or so. What a buzz! Pirate Radio. Totally Illegal. Then last week I moderated a panel discussion on art called Artspeak while drinking a quart of Gin with dear friends. I played Duncan Sinclair (genius) and we delivered a great send up of cultural snobs, artists and curators. Thanks again to the panel, Shirley Wilkes-Booth (not related) and authentic Englishman Cyril Muggeridge or some name like that.

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