Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Famous Last Words!

It may be the upcoming election, or Halloween or the fact that the Phabulous Philadelphia Phillies are in the very rainy Worlds Series, but I think the reason no available art critic feels the need to see my show at Rebekah Templeton Gallery is because they couldn't care less. Why give support to struggling yet mature mid-career artists who are showing in little out of the way spaces on Girard Avenue? When I am writing about art, I seek out new galleries and artists that may be attempting to add something new to our so-called Renaissance. I think it was me who coined the phrase! Well, I hope it is not a fiction after-all. Though, it would sure make a good piece on Public Radio. Give them a chance to discuss the creative class and how we transform gutted parts of cities. Instead, the newspapers cover what is easiest to digest and topics already covered ad infinitum. Don't forget Mural Month people, because I try every October. It seems we go out of our way to disable and deride contemporary art on a public and private level. I may have more to say on this in an InLiquid column soon. Viva InLiquid and Pocket Intellectuals Everywhere!

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