Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Post Dated

My sciatica has been a great excuse not to go the pool this summer. I hate going to the pool. I went only once so far. There was a man lathering up in the shower in the mens room with such vigor and thoroughness that I thought I was in the wrong place. Does he have a shower at home? Is he trying not to bring some infection into the pool with him? I figured ok, I’ll rinse off before going in whether I’m philthy or not. Normally, wading into the freezing water is too extreme on the skin, but today the water was virtually warm. I drifted off on my back and tried not to get the dreaded chlorine in my ears. It blocks them up permanently making life nearly impossible. Swimming was relaxing for a bit then my thoughts turned towards dinner. But first I must change again and wrap up the wet suit and towel and drive home. I took a second shower in the Mens Room. It’s all about wasting water and then you’re all sweaty again within twenty minutes.

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