Thursday, March 8, 2007


Looking through more old magazines in my studio, I found a copy of Connoisseur from March, 1985. If you are twenty two, that is the year of your birth! It contained a fab article about the amazing painter Stubbs by the wonderful cultural writer, Marina Warner. Why had I saved it? Possibly for both writer and subject. In the back, there is an interesting piece by Douglas Davis, someone new to me, a video artist and critic. He was asking, “is documentation of art, art?” This was very cool. Not that it was particularly seminal, just because most magazines don’t do this any more. In fact, the whole context for mediating art has changed. This is not news of course, but it is fascinating to see it illustrated so clearly. I’m never going to throw anything away again, am I?

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Nikki 3.0 said...

I don't believe you throw anything away, James.